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The USPTO is postponing Patent Center

Updated: Nov 12

Update: November 15 new transition date for Patent Center replacing legacy systems EFS-Web and Private PAIR

The EFS-Web and Private Patent Application Information Retrieval (Private PAIR) tools are being retired after their decades of use as electronic filing and application management systems for our Patents customers.

Starting November 15, 2023, the Patent Center system will fully replace EFS-Web and Private PAIR. Please read our latest blog from Commissioner for Patents Vaishali Udupa for more information.

The USPTO is postponing the original transition date (previously November 8) to better respond to and incorporate additional valuable stakeholder feedback into the Patent Center system. Specifically, we are working to increase usability for sponsored accounts with large amounts of customer numbers and address any related issues. We are also ramping up coverage to our Electronic Business Center to respond to questions in real time and help ensure a smooth transition for our stakeholders.

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