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Inventors need patents and trademarks
Independent inventors: News
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Attorneys you can actually talk to.

Really nice, honest people you can trust to guide you, who work for your interests, not theirs!

Start-ups and independent inventors are the engine of the global economy. Patents and Trademarks will be critical to your success, but there are so many potential pitfalls if you do not get the right professional guidance.  With an introductory no-obligation consultation we will tell you how it works, how much everything costs and how long things take. Once you have the right patent attorneys it's really not as complex as you may think. Email us. at

CORPORATE, BUSINESS AND LEGAL MATTERS: We provide a full range of services for corporate, busines and legal matters. We can set up your corporation (C-corp, S-corp or LLC) or partnership, and draft all documents for shareholders, board members, equity holders etc. Naturally we can also draft and negotiate licensing agreements, contracts and handle all the legal matters you need for your business. But we don't provide tax advice.



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