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We are a full-service Patent & Trademark law firm

Maybe you're a start-up, a small company or a solo inventor with the brilliant spark of a beautiful new idea. You might represent a law firm in Shanghai or London looking for a reliable US firm to take care of your precious clients - We are here for you.

We have the experience, the expertise and the imagination to take your tech and help it reach its fullest potential. 

US Patent

US non-provisional patent application


Complete US non-provisional patent application. Medium complexity. Includes EVERYTHING up till 1st Office Action.

USPTO fees usually between $332-$664  

US Provisional Patent

US provisional patent application 


US provisional patent application from inventor interview and disclosure to filing of provisional application ("patent pending" status).

USPTO fees usually $120

US National Phase 

US national phase patent application from a PCT or foreign application


For all PCT or foreign applications entering the USPTO under 35 USC 371 or Paris Convention - our fee covers EVERYTHING up till 1st Office Action.

USPTO fees usually $664

Design Patent

Design Patent Application


US design patent application from initial interview and disclosure to filing of design application ("patent pending").

Includes all drawings professionally drafted.

USPTO fees usually $236



US Trademark clearance, search and filing all included. Report provided with probability of regsitration. If TM is not clear then we charge just $250 for the search.

Priority claim included.

USPTO fees $250-$350

Startup Package

Everything you need for small business startup.

$3500 (with TM)

$5000 (with patent)

Full review of all IP including provisional patent & TM, branding, website & domain.

Provisional patent application and/or trademark application. 

Corporate formation included.

USPTO fees $120-$350

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