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About Trademark-Quick

Trademark filing - quick, professional & efficient - we do everything for you! Trademark search & screening - 100% free Highly experienced US attorneys & paralegals you can trust and talk to. Avoid the potentially disastrous errors made by 70% of self-filers! Honesty & quality guide all we do. You can really trust us. It's as simple as that. ---------- What we do for you: TRADEMARK-QUICK will screen & file your US trademark. We take care of everything for you - nothing for you to do except tell us the trademark you want. We are qualified US attorneys. We do NOT use inexperienced people or outsourcing. Screening is totally free. 3-Step process: (1) You tell us the mark, (2) We screen it for free, and tell you if it's going to be easy or difficult to register, (3) You decide if you want to go ahead, and if you do, we file it for you. Done! No filing - no fee. No worries. One affordable fee covers absolutely everything. No add-ons, no hidden costs. Cost US TRADEMARK APPLICATION $450 professional fee $250 US Patent & Trademark office filing fee* Total cost = $700 *$250 is the standard US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) fee for filing in one class of goods/services in the USA. This is usually what you need. If you really need an additional class, then it costs an extra $250. See FAQ's for more about USPTO fees.

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