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Knowledge, Expertise & Experience

FROM CONCEPTION TO COMMERCIALIZATION - We are a full service Intellectual Property law firm you can trust. Whether you represent a small or large corporation, a major university, a foreign law firm or a tiny start-up, our patent and trademark attorneys are always here to help take your inventions and prodice commercially valuable and investable IP. 

Our PATENT attorneys have word-class qualifications and experience, and excellent relations with the US patent office. There is almost nothing we don't know about patent law.

Our TRADEMARK team is has successfully handled thousands of marks and has the skills required to protect your brand, safeguard your unique identity and ensure you stand out in the market. 


Our GLOBAL REACH gives you access to our network of IP associates throughout the world. 

Our PREDICTABLE FIXED FEES allow you to budget for the entire patent cycle.

FRIENDLY, FREE & CONFIDENTIAL ADVICE - Encouraging invention, supporting inventors and helping patent and trademark applicants - Contact us at We are always happy to help.

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"With just a couple of days to our filing deadline and a very limited budget, the firm intervened and transformed our provisional patent into a very relevant IP that fully captured the essence of the unique technical attributes of the invention and highlighting its commercial potential. This was possible due to the depth in the technical knowledge and experience the firm possesses. A great relief in not having to break the bank in finding great help and support. They are a keeper."

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