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A full service intellectual property law firm you can trust to listen and understand.

World-class patent and trademark attorneys providing a personal service to select clients. Whether you represent a technology corporation, a university, a foreign law firm or a tiny start-up, or you are just someone with the flickering flame of a brilliant idea, we have the skills and the time to listen and to help. We understand that creating a commercially successful business requires strategic planning - and just filing a patent application is not enough. Every member of our team has over 15 years continuous experience. Our experience creates efficiency and value.


What Our Clients Say...

"With just a couple of days to our filing deadline and a very limited budget, the firm intervened and transformed our provisional patent into very relevant IP that fully captured the essence of the unique technical attributes of the invention and highlighting its commercial potential. This was possible due to the depth in the technical knowledge and experience the firm possesses. A great relief in not having to break the bank in finding great help and support. They are a keeper."

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