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PATENT FEES can really get out of hand unless you structure a project intelligently from the beginning. We provide simple fixed-fees and a patent-filing strategy that fits your budget and goals. We help you determine what is commercially meaningful, what is worth spending money on, and what is not. We never, ever "hide" fees and will always tell you exactly what things are going to cost.

Our fees are always competitive. Most clients choose fixed fee billing which ensures predictability. We give you a fixed price for all work before it is started, allowing you to confidently make commercial decisions. There is never any charge for calls or emails, admin etc.

We understand the patent system from the inside, and know how to use the various Patent Office fee discounts (academic and income-based) to your benefit. These can reduce USPTO filing fees by 75%. Here are some examples of what you would pay:


A NON-PROVISIONAL UTILITY PATENT application can be drafted and filed for as little as $3500 plus USPTO fees of about $364 for Micro entity (if the applicant made less than about $206,000 last year).

A PROVISIONAL PATENT APPLICATION can be filed for as little as $1250 + USPTO fees of $60 (Micro entity).

An INTERNATIONAL (PCT) APPLICATION can be filed for $1995 plus patent office fees of about $364 (Micro).

A US NATIONAL PHASE APPLICATION (371 or Paris) claiming priority to a foreign application costs $1495 + $364 (Micro).

We can file a DESIGN PATENT application for $1190 + USPTO fees of $204 (Micro.).

Search and file a TRADEMARK application for $695 + $250 in USPTO fees (TEAS-plus, one class). 

Email us for a free, confidential consultation and quote:

HOW LONG DOES PATENT EXAMINATION TAKE? We are experts at using the system to expidite examination, and have had expidited patents allowed in less than 4 months! You can always pay to have examination conclude in 12 months or less. But the usual timeline for non-expidited is 18-36 months. Please see:

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